• PandaTheKing0001


    January 13, 2019 by PandaTheKing0001
    1. I will be transferring page information from Stick RPG 2 wiki to here, tomorrow
    2. This wiki will be the official Stick RPG 2 wiki, where you can discuss the game
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  • PandaTheKing0001

    Hi i'm gonna try to adopt and make the wiki look better :)

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  • Drewfan2525

    Ideas for Stick RPG 3

    December 20, 2018 by Drewfan2525

    Hello my name is Drew and I have been a fan for Stick RPG 1 and 2 for many years now, and I would really like Xgen studios to make Stick RPG 3 and maybe this could a conversation going if I could list some stuff that would be cool for Stick RPG 3.

    Open 3D World Environment - Unlike the 1st game as a Bird's Eye and the 2nd game as isometric, but to go up for the 3rd game it would really be impressive if it was the third person 3D perspective in most newer games with a bigger environment to explore in. Also in a big world like this it would be most convient if an in game map was provided. Despite upgading to 3D it should not interfere with Stick art style i.e. having characters as stick figures.

    Updated Systems -  The systems in these games are…

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  • Ƶorphiu$

    So I've played the stick rpg series since the first one, but I've noticed that if you get a job as a police officer, the chance of your arrest goes down. In fact, if you get pretty high up the job line, you never get arrested no matter what you do. I have maxed out the police job line, and ever since I did I have NEVER been sent to jail! I'm not sure if this is actually a thing, but it has held true in every one of my playthroughs of the game. Can anyone confirm this, so that we can actually add it to the wiki?

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  • Endoleum

    Any bureaucrats?

    November 22, 2015 by Endoleum

    I was looking forward to become an admin. People need to fix their edits in this wiki.

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  • AlmightyGameGuy


    August 3, 2011 by AlmightyGameGuy

    I posted and edited many articles. When I was trying to edit my profile, the site was encountering problems. I exited the site and when I returned all my work was gone! I made a many pages: Paper Thin City was one of them. THERE GONE! That’s not fair! I published them so it should be there.

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