Burger flipper

The Burger Flipper job is one of the most basic jobs available throughout the Stick RPG series, and is offered at McSticks. The player doesn't need any statistics to be promoted, so work experience is all they need, and they must work five shifts after their last promotion (or after they have begun their job)to receive the next promotion, as it is at Stickbucks. It is also the starting job in Stick RPG Complete, and is one of the possible starting jobs in Stick RPG 2.

Job in Stick RPG

The only job title available as a Burger Flipper. In addition, once the player receives a job as a Janitor in New Lines Incorporated, the option to work at McSticks becomes unavailable, and the player loses the job, rather unceremoniously so. However, the job only pays $6 an hour.

Job in Stick RPG 2

Unlike in Stick RPG Complete, the player must apply for the job to work at McSticks. Luckily, Burger Flipper is one of the base jobs available in the game, and requires no stats to start or be promoted, unlike the other jobs in the game. Work experience and the given that you have worked five shifts since the player's last promotion (or since they've started) is all they need to get promoted, regardless of positive/negative random events. The job pays different amounts per hour depending on the player's promotion, ranging from $5 to $35 per hour. Upon maxing out being a Burger Flipper, the player receives a Free Food Card (despite it doesn't affect any price of a food). 


  • Pickle Plopper-$5/2h
  • Cheddar Shredder-$7/2h
  • Fry Friar-$9/2h
  • Lieutenant Wrapper-$11/2h
  • Milkshake Sommelier-$13/2h
  • Secret Saucier-$15/2h
  • Major Mayo-$17/2h
  • Commander Ketchup-$19/2h
  • Colonel Mustard-$25/2h
  • McManager-$35/2h (Given - Free Food Card, (Doesn't give any free food))

Progress reports

Main reports

Report Reward Rank
You flipped burgers all day long. Yay. + $5 Pickle Plopper
Another grease filled nightmare. + $7 Cheddar Shredder
You fried fries like a champ. + $9 Fry Friar
Another Day, another dollar. + $11 Lieutenant Wrapper
Shake Shake Shake...SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! + $13 Milkshake Sommelier
You successfully mixed the mayo, thousand island, and ketchup together. + $15 Secret Saucier
What a major pain in the ass. You need a better job. + $17 Major Mayo
You worked a full shift and got paid. + $19 Commander Ketchup
You worked drive-through. It sucked. + $25 Colonel Mustard
You watched over all the lackeys. + $35 McManager

Other random reports

Report Reward
A lady asked for 'no pickles' and you heard 'extra pickles'. You got yelled at... big time. (Somebody's getting spit on their burger next time they come in). -5 Charm
While unloading the grocery order, you manage to throw your back out -- and the manager gave you a bonus for it! long as you keep our mouth shut, that is. + $200

-1 Strength

-5 Charm

You forgot to bring your hairnet to work today. Now, that is just plain careless, missy. -3 Intelligence
While running across the kitchen, you slipped on a hamburger bun and hit the ground pretty hard. Luckily, you only have minor internal bleeding. -3 Strength
While making fries, you managed to splash fryer oil all over the place, and even burnt your hand a little. Rookie mistake, kid. -2 Intelligence
You broke up a food fight in the dining room. Way to keep the peace, chief; you have ketchup and special sauce all over you. +5 Strength -5 Charm
A coworker dared you to shoot a packet of hot sauce up your nose. Yeah, it burned like a mother trucker, but at least you gained the respect of your colleagues. Well, some of them. -1 Intelligence +3 Charm
You helped an old lady carry four huge bags of burgers outside. Good deeds make you feel... good. +5 Karma

+4 Strength

You learned how to work the cash register today, aaand how to make change from a $5 bill -- score! +5 Intelligence
The corporate office loves your new burger concept, the 'Curried Cow and Carrot Ciabatta'. The new C4 Burger is sure to be 'The Bomb' this summer. +4 Intelligence +4 Charm
Yes! You finally won "Employee of the month!" They kept telling you that you weren't EOTM material, but you showed them! + $1,000

+8 Charm

A masked gunman busted through the front door and slipped on the wet floor you just mopped! Good thing you forgot to put down the 'Caution: Wet Floor' sign. You are awarded a bonus for your bravery... and your total disregard for public safety. + $2500