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The Bus Depot is a Building in Stick RPG Complete where you can sell commodities, specifically Cocaine and bottles of beer, by traveling to other cities.

The buses leave first thing in the morning, so owning the alarm clock from the Pawn Shop as well as having caffeine pills the day before leaving is required. Traveling to another city is also an all day event, so it will be the only thing done that day.

Inside the Bus Depot

There are six cities to travel to, costing between $100 and $130 per trip, depending on the city.

  • Brooklyn, NY - $115
  • Chicago, IL - $115
  • Detroit, MI - $100
  • Camden, NJ - $130
  • Los Angeles, CA - $100
  • Las Vegas, NV - $130

A drug deal gone wrong

While you aren't actually allowed to explore the cities you travel to, a number of events can happen while you're there. Most of them are bad. What you are carrying in your inventory can directly effect what happens in the city. It is recommended to bring a gun and ammo, obtainable at the pawn shop, as well as 1 to 50 grams of cocaine. Traveling to a particular city several times increases your chances of success. It is not known whether or not any of your stats affect the likelihood of having a successful trip. However, you will make more money on your deal if you travel to a more expensive city such as Las Vegas, but you will have a lower chance of success.

  • If you forget a gun or ammo, you will most likely be robbed of all your money and cocaine due to not having a way to defend yourself.
  • If you forget to bring cocaine, you will have nothing to sell and waste at least $100 and your entire day.
  • If you bring more than 50 grams of cocaine, you will likely be stopped by the police, who will confiscate all of your cocaine, your gun and ammo, and you'll have to serve 5 days in prison.
  • If your strength is under 200 you will likely be robbed.

Even if you bring all the required items, it is possible to not find anyone to sell to, and even to still be robbed of all your money and cocaine in a deal gone wrong.

If you do find someone to sell your commodities to, you'll be given the option to take the deal or to head back. Make sure to check the price you are selling the cocaine for. Sometimes they will give you less than what you paid for it.