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The Castle, as it appears in Stick RPG Complete after being purchased from The Bank

The Castle is a possible living quarters only available in Stick RPG Complete and in Stick RPG 2 Director's Cut. In Stick RPG Complete it can be purchased from the Bank for a sum of $500,000. It is the biggest living quarters in the game, which is able to hold all of the possible furnishings from Fine-Line Furnishings. The stick figure pounding on the gate is a reference to the game Defend Your Castle.

The Castle appearing in Stick RPG 2.

In Stick RPG 2 the Castle can be won by beating the castle arcade game inside of Benjamin's Club. Each attempt costs $1,000 and the objective of the game is to find the sword and kill the dragon creature randomly spawned on the map which drops a key. The key can be then used to open up the gate which is at the very first room in the game. It is to be noted that all other creatures can be killed without this other sword.  Note: You have 3 lives and lose a life every time you are hit.  Enemies will speed up when you get the key.  There are 3 enemies: the arrow-like ones are the fastest, but can only move in straight vertical or horizontal lines, the slowest ones are the weird box ones.  However, they are homing.  The boss that drops the key is the dragon.  He follows you as well, and will only be killed from three hits from the sword.  The dragon is always the only enemy in the room where he can be found.