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"It's one hell of a drug." Coca is a illegal drug that can be obtained by doing tasks or purchasing it for $900 ($450 if you have the cheat 

What Coca looks like from your inventory

Discount Shopper').

Coca can be used to give to the Narcotics Drug Enforcement Officer in the Police Station for charm and positive karma and ultimately after giving in 3 a Mobius Strip. Alternatively, it can be given to the Coca Nut Cowboy in front of the condos at night for money and negative Karma.

Ways to Get It

1st Way (buy it from the Contraband Salesman)

  • $900 (or $450 with Discount Shopper cheat)

  • Firstly, go behind Skye's Bar and click the Contraband Salesman. (there is a random chance that he may appear)
  • Secondly, buy the Coca from him.

2nd Way (from The Club)

  • 100+ Charm
  • Firstly, go to The Club on the 3rd Island at night
  • Next, head to the Girl's Restroom and click Jacky. She will be standing in front of the mirror
  • Tell her to hand over Coca and you'll get some.

3rd Way (fight in the Old Abandoned Warehouse)

  • Lots of Strength and a good weapon.
  • Defeat the yellow guy in Skye's Bar.
  • Make sure that you don't have a coca bag in your inventory already. Then head to the Old Abandoned Warehouse next to your basement and defeat the Combat Zone. If you win, you will receive coca.

4th Way (from the Westside Gangsters)


  • Old hot dog
  • Give it to the sewer person by the U of S. He appears in the afternoon or in the night but you need some luck until he appears. He gives you a Screwdriver
  • Either give the screwdriver to the gangsters by the New Lines Inc. at night for the Coca. (you will get negative karma)
  •  Or fight them to receive Coca (Note: there is a high chance that you will get into prison or that you will only receive positive karma).