The Dark Lord job obtained from Sithia in the Benjamin Club. Please note that Sithia will only ever appear inside of the Benjamin Club at either the afternoon or the evening. It is negative karma job, and is based of the Sith in the Star Wars series. For maxing out the job you get the Dark Laser Sword which is the third tier glowy sword. The second tier glowy sword is obtainable from the Jebediah Council. The job requires 680 intelligence, 850 Strength and negative Karma, and requires more Strength and Intelligence for promotions. To get a pass into the Benjamin Club you need to pay the Benjamin Club Liaison (The Dangling Piano) $50,000. The wages are as such:



  • Force Fail ($220/1h) (850 STR, 680 INT, Karma, Glowy Sword)
  • Apprentice ($265/1h) (930 STR, 730 INT)
  • Dark Adept ($310/1h) (1050 STR, 820 INT)
  • Villain ($360/1h) (1140 STR, 910 INT)
  • Choke Artist ($420/1h) (1250 STR, 1020 INT)
  • Lightning Lasher ($495/1h) (1390 STR, 1150 INT)
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  • Fallen Knight ($580/1h) (1520 STR, 1300 INT)
  • Dark Side Devout ($705/1h) (1640 STR, 1440 INT)
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    Dark Lord Job Icon

  • Malevolent Master ($850/1h) (1780 STR, 1680 INT)
  • Darff ($999/1h) + Dark Laser Sword (1980 STR, 1850 INT)

Random Events

 *You pushed a guy off the edge of the world. That wasn't very nice. -55 Karma +51 STR

  • You took the night off and went to the casino. You were really lucky at roulette, your number just kept hitting. +$18600 -45 Karma
  • You mind tricked a homeless guy into giving you his change. +$10 -60 Karma
  • You decided to try and train your own apprentice. Unfortunately he didn't survive his first day of training.What a weakling. -40 Karma -23 Charm
  • You mind tricked a girl into giving you her number. -50 Karma +41 Charm
  • You cut a man in half for looking at you funny. +35 Strength
  • You lit a guy on fire using your mind. It was cool. -70 Karma +22 Intelligence
  • You worked with Sithia on focusing your dark powers. You feel stronger than ever. +$6300 +80 Strength
  • You had a run in with a Jebediah. He got the better of you. -24 Strength jail!
  • You failed to meet Sithia's expectations on your last mission. Don't fail her again! -20 Intelligence -25 Charm
  • Your Trash -$500000