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The exterior view of a Dimension Banks branch in Island 3.

Dimension Banks is the bank in Stick RPG 2 . The is only one branch, which is on Island 3. It does not require the Director's Cut to access.

Inside the bank, there are three people, the Bank Patron, The Guard, and Bank Manager Toby.

The bank is open during the morning and afternoon and closes during the evening and night until the next morning. Toby leaves after closing while the other two characters remain.

The bank serves as storage for money. The player can use the ATM to deposit or withdraw money. Any money kept in the bank will accumulate interest. The interest rate is shown on the main ATM screen and is compounded daily. Assets and Property can also be purchased from the ATM. A player must have money in pocket to purchase assets while property can be purchased from both money in the bank and in pocket. If your planning on making any money from interest, its best to have the "Wall Street Wizard" perk.

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The interior of the Dimension Banks branch.