The doctor career path is one of the most challenging career but the most rewarding in terms of how much you are paid. To achieve the "Life Giver" promotion you will have to max out your intelligence stat to 910. 


To start the career you must have 210 Intelligence and Karma above 0 (Positive Karma)


To get a promotion you must work 3 times since your last promotion and have the required skills show in the table below. The requirements below are approximate. If you find a number lower than one listed, please update this table. 

Position Pay Skills Needed For Promotion
Quack $105/3h
  • 210 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Marshal of Malpractice  $125/3h
  • 260 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Dr. Nick (A joke based on the simpsons) $150/3h
  • 315 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
General Practitioner $169/3h
  • 352 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Fixer-upper $210/3h
  • 475 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Bones (Includes a joke based on the TV show Star Trek and named after the TV show Bones) $260/3h
  • 585 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Surgeon $320/3h
  • 670 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Master Healer $365/3h
  • 740 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Neurosurgeon $410/3h
  • 830 intelligence
  • Karma above 0
Life Giver (you receive a Stethoscope and +75 intelligence) $475/3h


$594/3h if workaholic

  • 910 intelligence
  • Karma above 0

Random Events

  • Last night's bar fight made you slightly busier than normal. +$3,000
  • You delivered a baby during your coffee break. Way to work overtime! Now you have to clean up the break room. +$1,250, +8 Charm
  • The nurses voted you the best looking doctor in the clinic. Take a bow, handsome. +14 Charm
  • You found a cure for cancer, but it was quickly bought out and destroyed by a shady prescription drug company. At least you got paid for it. +$15,000
  • You surgically augmented a man to make him stronger, faster, smarter, and better looking. It cost him his house, but at least he's happy. +$32,500, +10 Karma
  • A guy came in the clinic with 8 gunshot wounds. You were somehow able to save him! +15 Karma, +44 Charm
  • You forgot to give a Goth guy his antidepressants... Whoops. -10 Intelligence, -15 Charm
  • You had to tell that creepster Marlo to stay away from your nurse. Way to show 'em who's boss. +13 Strength
  • You developed a complex cure for obesity; you call it 'Exercise'. Getting this cure in pillform is proving difficult. +20 Karma, +23 Strength, +19 Charm
  • You put up an anti-smoking poster in your office. It reads "Let's not lie, you're paying to die". +10 Karma, +5 Intelligence
  • An outbreak of Chicken Pox has the town in a huff. You are cashing in on the itchy situation. +$3,425
  • The makers of Rad Bull asked you to do a commericial explaining the medical benefits of their product. You declined after testing found Rad Bull to be only slightly better for you than gasoline. +30 Karma, +24 Intelligence, +30 Charm
  • You misdiagnosed a patient with the flu. Turns out he was just drunk. -9 Intelligence