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Dominick is a character in Stick RPG 2 and a young guitarist who is in need of cash. Dominick repeatedly sings about his love for X-Gen Studious, and how they are best out of all gaming sites. Dominick says he needs the money for tuition, but it is obvious that he's going to spend the money at the bar (most likely at Skye's), as he has numerous subliminal references in his statement about drinking beer. When you see Dominick playing his guitar you can either throw 25 dollars in his hat or say sorry i'm broke and if you throw 25 dollars in Dominick's hat he'll give you 1 charm and if you don't throw money in his hat Dominick will say I can hear the change jiggling in your pocket El Cheapo.


Dominick appears outside of Skye's Bar in the afternoon only. If you keep giving Dominick tips (they each cost $25) repeatedly, you will gain one charm and eventually a rare Trophemon bird, which is needed to obtain the Hoverboard. It will take 11 tips for Dominick to finally give you the bird, so carrying 275 Dollars is needed to complete this objective. Once you receive the Trophemon bird he will not appear in his daytime spot anymore. 

At night, Dominick also appears at the entrance of The Club, waiting in line. There, Dominick notices that the line is not moving, and questions whether he should just walk in or not.