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The Drug Dealer is a career path that requires Negative Karma. Like most most of the jobs in Stick RPG 2, it has ten levels of employment (the exceptions being Kitten Exterminator and Ice-Cream Taster). To get promoted, the player must have the required stats (INT, STR) and have worked on that level three times. Alternatively, saving and quitting can be done if the requirements are met.


The player can get hired in the job once they acquired at least 75 Intelligence, 60 Strength and -1 Karma. To begin the job, the player must talk to Zev (pictured on the right) during the Evening or Night. He is located on the corner between The Lab and several unnamed buildings on the First Island. Occasionally, the Dimensional Drifter appears at the end of the street, selling Forth-Dimensional-Objects for $100,000.

Rankings and Salary

Maxing out the Drug Dealer profession will grant you the Hall of Fame Bat.

Title Salary per shift
Street Peddler $45
Small Time Dealer $64
Cantraband Connoisseur $87
Slanger $112
Street Lord $139
Drug Runner $155
Distributor $172
Importer $195
Drug Lord $210
Drug Cartel Leader $240

Random Events

  • You went to the one house for a quick drop off, but ended up playing 'Super Street Wiper' all night on an old Super ANY-S. Great game, but not very productive. (Negative) (-$485, -10 Karma, -5 INT)
  • A big concert in town made you a very popular person. It's nice to feel Wanted. (Positive) (+2,375, -10Karma)
  • U of SA graduation party plans involved you in a big way. (Positive) (+1,563, -35Karma)