To start off as a street peddler you must go to the stick guy with a colorful mohawk just around the corner near the lab (only at evening and night starting at 4 P.M.). You will need 75 INT , 60 STR and negative karma.

The NPC is found near the Basement and appears after 4:00 PM.

  • Street Peddler $45/3h (Req. Karma below zero, 60 STR, 75 INT)
  • Small Time Dealer $64/3h (Req. 70 STR, 90 INT)
  • Contraband Connoisseur $87/3h (Req. 90 STR, 125 INT)
  • Slanger $112/3h (Req. 115 STR, 145 INT)
  • Street Lord $139/3h (Req. 140 STR, 190 INT)
  • Drug Runner $155/3h (Req. 190 STR, 235 INT)
  • Distributor $172/3h (Req. 220 STR, 295 INT)
  • Importer $195/3h (Req. 290 STR, 355 INT)
  • Drug Lord $210/3h (Req. 350 STR, 430 INT)
  • Drug Cartel Leader $240 (Hall of Fame bat)/3h (Req. 400 STR, 520 INT) (Receive Hall of Fame Bat))

Random Events

You went to one house for a quick drop off, but ended up playing 'Super Street Wiper' all night on an old Super ANY-S. Great game, but not very productive. -$485 -10 Karma -5 INT

It was a slow day, so you decided to sample some of the merchandise. 2 large pizzas quickly followed -$300 -5 Karma -8 STR -12 INT

Some nut-job took a swing at you on a delivery run. -10 Karma -4 STR

A rival drug lord set you up big time. Stash seized, jail imminent.

You spent the day in at the university waiting for someone. You look smart, so you feel smart. +23 Intelligence

You shorted a customer half an ounce -- He didn't even notice. +$200 -18 Karma -10 Charm

One of your regulars didn't pay his tab, so you paid it for him. With his face. -25 Karma +19 Strength

Some Junky tried to jump you, but you made an example out of him. -10 Karma +17 Strength

A bachelor party paid a premium for your services. +$2,500 -22 Karma 

You scored a huge deal with a guy in the South. You made a nice piece of commish. +$7,750 -15 Karma

A big concert in town made you a very popular person. It`s nice to feel wanted. +2,375 -10 Karma

The Grand Trump and his goonies hung out with you all night. Bad thing is is that they didn't pay for anything. -2,180 +11 Charm