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Fine-Line Furnishings (outside view)

Fine-Line Furnishings is a location in Stick RPG Complete. It is a furniture store that is located beside McSticks, across from the main character's apartment. During the origements is the Coma-Snooze Bed.

The closed sign from the incomplete, original version of Stick RPG.

Items available

These are all the items possible to buy at Fine-Line Furnishings.

  • Coma-Snooze Bed ($500)
  • Behemoth-Vision TV ($2,500)
  • Circuit-Breaking 5000 Computer ($2,000)
  • Deep Freeze ($2,500)
  • Stickchoice Satellite System ($3,000)
  • Stick-Fitness Treadmill ($3,500)
  • Stick-O-Pedia Xgenica ($2,000)
  • Suds'N'Bubbles Minibar ($5,000)