Fine-Line Furnishings (outside view)

Fine-Line Furnishings is a location in Stick RPG Complete. It is a furniture store that is located beside McSticks, across from the main character's apartment. During the original release of Stick RPG, the game was incomplete and the store was not available (along with Bus Depot). You must upgrade real-estate to be able to buy more items. The only item you can buy without real-estate requirements is the Coma-Snooze Bed.

The closed sign from the incomplete, original version of Stick RPG.

Items available

These are all the items possible to buy at Fine-Line Furnishings.

  • Coma-Snooze Bed ($500)
  • Behemoth-Vision TV ($2,500)
  • Circuit-Breaking 5000 Computer ($2,000)
  • Deep Freeze ($2,500)
  • Stickchoice Satellite System ($3,000)
  • Stick-Fitness Treadmill ($3,500)
  • Stick-O-Pedia Xgenica ($2,000)
  • Suds'N'Bubbles Minibar ($5,000)