Bow Flecks

The Bow Flecks (From being promoted to Mr. Universe at Jim's Gym)

To be a Fitness Instructor, the player must go to 
Jim's Gym on the 4th Island (Director's Cut only).
The building is located in the middle of the road
in the back, directly behind the Stick Institute 
of Technology [S.I.T]. The player must have 900
Strength to work as an Instructor and increase
Strength for promotion after working 3 times.
The reward for maxing out the job is the Bow Flecks
item, which raises Strength by 90)

  • Fitness Floozy ($200/3h) (req. 800 Str.)
  • Spotter ($250/3h) (req. 900 Str.)
  • Aerobics Assistant ($300/3h) (req. 1000 Str.)
  • Pilates Prudent ($350/3h) (req. 1100 Str.)
  • Plyometric Pusher ($400/3h) (req. 1200 Str.)
  • Squats Squatter ($450/3h) (req. 1300 Str.)
  • Commander Cardio ($500/3h) (req. 1400 Str.)
  • Yoga Man ($550/3h)(req. 1500 Str.)
  • The Gun Show ($600/3h) (req. 1600 Str.)
  • Mr. Universe ($650/3h) (req. 1700 Str.)(Bow Flecks +90 Str.)

Random Events

  • City Hall hired you to come up with a daily exercise program for them. +35 Intelligence
  • You tweaked your hamstring during squats -18 STR
  • A regular client gave you a bonus for helping him get that "6 pack" He always wanted. +$6500 +10 CHA
  • You had coffee with Emma "Extreme" to discuss the latest fitness fads +20 STR + 25 INT
  • You got sued by a former client. The details were sketchy. -$3000
  • You taught a session on how to properly execute the "Arnold Curl", your signature move.+25 STR +32 INT
  • The policy department hired you to get the squad up to minimum fitness standards. +$14500 +34 STR