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"Welcome to the funky-town five-O convenience store where I be servin up some high quality product for yo to get be getting yo drink on and getting yo snack on. How can I hook a brotha up?"

Convenience Store (outside)

The Convenience Store is a location in Stick RPG Complete. A black man with an afro runs the store. A lot of the items they sell are similar to McSticks or Sticky's Liquor, but some of the more important and helpful items they sell are cigarettes and caffeine pills. On the outside, the store has a light-up "ENTER" sign above the door, as well as some graffiti that is spray painted on the side of the building. The Red-Headed Stick paces back and forth between this store and the Pawn Shop. You can also rob the store if you have a gun with ammo and it is mid-day.

Items sold here

Convenience Store (inside)

Here is a complete list of the items sold at the Convenience Store.