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The Government Official profession is located inCity Hall and is considered the best career in Stick RPG 2, with the max pay being $2,420. However, Directors Cut is needed to access this job.


In order to become a Government Official, the player needs 30 Intellect, and 15 Charm. In addition, the player also needs the Directors Cut version of the game.


    • County Clerk ($20/3h) (Req. 30 INT 15 CHA)
    • Desk Jockey ($27/3h) (Req. 55 INT 25 CHA)
    • Board Member ($42/3h) (Req. 105 INT 50 CHA)
    • Councillor ($65/3h) (Req. 210 INT 90 CHA)
    • Mayor ($90/3h) (Req. 390 INT 190 CHA)
    • The Governator ($160/3h) (Req. 580 INT 240 CHA)
    • Senator ($380/3h) (Req. 840 INT 400 CHA)
    • Defence Minister ($678/3h) (Req. 1130 INT 520 CHA)
    • President ($955/3h) (Req. 1470 INT 740 CHA)
    • King ($2,420/3h, and you receive The King minigun) (Req. 1860 INT 890 CHA)

When the player reaches the maximum rank, the player shall receive The King, the most powerful mini-gun in the game.

Random Events

  • You had to front the bill for today's lunch meeting -$325 (uncommon)
    • You spent your coffee break with Sarah, you feel slightly less intelligent -5 INT (common)
    • A bomb threat let you and your co-workers out of the office + 25 CHA (uncommon)
    • You took a bribe. Shame on you.+$10000 -10 Karma (rare)
    • You decided to lower taxes to all government workers. This new policy went over swimmingly with your peers. +$29,500 (Mayor or higher) (Extremely rare)
    • You updated the government website. The last update was in 1994. +35 INT (rare)
    • New government exercise policy has you in better shape than ever! +33 STR (uncommon)
    • You gave an inspirational speech at a University graduation. The kids looked inspired, but at least half were faking it. +20 INT +20 CHA (rare)
    • Your 'Economic Stimulus' plan failed miserably. -22 CHA (rare)
    • You sent a request form in for a deluxe coffee machine. Tax payers won't mind a bit. -15 CHA (common)
    • You were voted down in a board meeting. BUMMER. -19 CHA
    • The budget is out 9 trillion dollars. Whoops. +7 INT +25 CHA


  • The sixth rank is entitled "The Governator", which is a reference to the Austrian and American Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was the 38th Governor of California and an actor who starred in films such

as The Terminator, hence "The Governator".