The Graffiti Artist job is available late at night to the left of the Basement. Although it is technically a neutral job most of the random events will give you negative karma. Charm is needed to be promoted and you must have worked 3 times after your last promotion. The graffiti artist NPC only shows up at 10 P.M. and you can only work twice before having to sleep. (Good if you work during the day.)

  • Vandal $16 (req. 35 CHA)
  • Territorial Tagger $18 (req. 50 CHA)
  • Stealthy Stenciler $22 (req. 70 CHA)
  • Aerosol Activist $24 (req. 85 CHA)
  • Subway Sprayer $27 (req. 110 CHA)
  • Boxcar Burner $34 (req. 140 CHA)
  • Bandanna Bandit $38 (req. 165 CHA)
  • Masterpiece Muralist $49 (req. 200 CHA)
  • Wildstyle Pioneer $64 (req. 235 CHA)
  • Infamous Artist $82 (Empty Paint Can) (req. 265 CHA)

Random Events

While keeping six, you spotted 5-0 just in time for your crew to abort mission and scatter. Phew - that was close! -16 Karma +10 CHA

You created an entirely original piece of art unlike anything the world has seen before. Everyone loved it... too bad it was on a napkin at McStick's. +7 INT

You went out and bought a few fancy new colors. Had to get the good kind, didn't you? -$400

You tagged the back of an apartment with an offensive word. Tisk tisk, that's not very nice. -20 Karma

While tagging a wall for the 'West Side' gang, you carelessly wrote 'West Tide'. How does that happen? What's a west tide? -5 Karma -2 INT -2 CHA

The new 'Professor Who?' was in need of some serious street cred. He got you to tag pretty much everything, including the police station... ballzy. +$2000 -5 Karma +15 STR +13 CHA (Infamous Artist Event)

The crew decided they needed a night off and racked up a bill at the casino. Well that was fun -$600 +5CHA

The graffiti guerrilla marketing campaign you did for "Punktuations" new line street clothing went over so well that they gave you a bonus. Snice! +$1100 -7 Karma +3CHA

Tonight was your night to carry all the gear. Burn baby, burn. +8 STR -8 CHA

You invented a new spray gun that won’t get your fingers wet; the crew thinks you’re a genius! +16 INT

You accidentally stomped on a paint can. Both the can and part of your foot exploded in the process – it’s just a flesh wound. -$100 -5 STR