The Internet

Hacker job icon.

The Hacker job requires 60 Intelligence, negative Karma and a Crackbook, costing 3700 and purchasable from Wallymart.

Eliot Axor, the recruiter for this job, is found in the Stickbucks cafe on the top corner of Island 1.

  • N00b $30 (Requires 60 Intelligence)
  • Script Kiddie $46 (Requires 95 Intelligence)
  • Phisher $62 (Requires 140 Intelligence)
  • Identity Thief $88 (Requires 170 Intelligence)
  • Grey Hat $95 (Requires 245 Intelligence)
  • Corporate Saboteur $110 (Requires 305 Intelligence)
  • Botnet Architect $125 (Requires 360 Intelligence)
  • Security Expert Double-Agent $157 (Requires 435 Intelligence)
  • Black Hat Ring Leader $185 (Requires 490 Intelligence)
  • Memeulous $220 (Requires 595 Intelligence)
  • 1337 H4X0R $309 + 'The Internet' (+50 Intelligence) (Requires 750 Intelligence)

Random Events

  • You met a hot girl in a chat room. No idea how hot, but with a name like Hotgirl45 you're picturing 'really' hot. +11 charm
  • You got bored and created the next successful free music-sharing network. The RIAA is not amused. +$3,000 -20 Karma
  • You downloaded the E-book "Buff N' Stuff - Guide to Musclyness". You feel stronger just by downloading it. -5 Karma +12 Strength
  • You brute-force cracked an authentication server, shutting down a popular social networking site. Your hacker brethren are amused at your anti-social display. -10 Karma +9 Intelligence +9 Charm
  • You were caught using a stolen credit card number online. You are going to jail. Jail 
  • You were flamed on the hacker forums. Epeen shrunk as a result. -6 Charm
  • Using an online dating site, you conned a wealthy old Welsh woman into sending you money to feed your staving pet grizzly bear. Some people will believe anything. +$4,850 -15 Karma
  • You pirated a copy of "Typing Teacher Elite 97". You can feel the difference in your keystrokes! -5 Karma +14 Intelligence
  • Your online pyramid scheme fell through, and you're going to jail. Just tell them you're a hacker and you'll gain instant credibility on 'the inside'. Jail
  • You stubbed your toe on a desk, a fate worse than death. okay, maybe not... but still don't you hate that? -7 Strength
  • Hacking into the University's computer, you credit yourself with a Masters Degree in Philosophy. You feel smarter, philosophically speaking. +24 Intelligence


  • The second rank of this profession, "Script Kiddie", shows the standard dialogue "You ran someone else's gold-farming script for awhile." This is a reference the classic MMORPG, Runescape, in which the standard currency is gold pieces and some individuals capitalize on its monetary value by farming it for hours with the use of bots and scripts and selling it for real world money.