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Hitman is a job available at Vinnie's of Stick RPG 2. The player can be employed for this job by asking Vinnie, and have negative karma and up to 180 strength stat in order to be employed.  


  • Diaper Sniper $90/1h (req. 160 STR)
  • Guerilla Gunner  (req. 250 STR)
  • Lunatic Liquidator  (req. 350 STR)
  • Precise Plugger  (req. ? STR)
  • Natural Born Killer  (req. 415 STR)
  • Elite Eliminator  (req. 470 STR)
  • Mr.Clean  (req. 555 STR)
  • Ninja Assassin  (req. 625 STR)
  • Tactical Sniper  (req. 705 STR)
  • Pro  (Receive 'Secret Weapon) (req. 810 STR)

Progress Reports

Regular Reports

Report Reward Rank
You picked him off real good. +$90 Diaper Sniper
Whacked. +$105 Guerilla Gunner
Target Eliminated. +$133 Lunatic Liquidator
Boom! Headshot! +$147 Precise Plugger
You made quick work of him. +$172 Natural Born Killer
Another day, another dead guy. +$201 Elite Eliminator
You cleaned up someone else's mess. +$232 Mr.Clean
You ninja'd your target to death. +$270 Ninja Assassin
You blew him away from 1000 paces. +$310 Tactical Sniper
Vinnie gave you a high profile target; another clean kill. +$357 Pro

Other unique reports

Report Reward
You didn't 'clean up' very well after that last job. You can sit and think about how it all went wrong... in jail. Jail!
Your target had a police escort, but you took the shot anyways... and missed. Looks like you're going away for awhile. Jail!
You got pinched by an undercover agent. You really can't trust anyone. Especially... in jail. Jail!
Your target got away. How very disappointing. -$2,000

-10 Strength

You sent roses to a target's funeral. Whatever helps you sleep at night. -$1,000

+16 Charm

You spent the day combat training; staying in shape is always a good idea. +22 Strength
'Hardcore Hitman' nominated you for 'best dressed' this year. Way to look sharp! +22 Charm
Your 'Assassination Robot Kit' finally came in the mail! (Some assembly required.) +26 Intelligence
You took care of your target, as well as both of his cronies. That's worth a little something extra. +$6,200
You whacked two guys in one night -- Now THAT's productivity! +$7,240
You were sent to do an out of town job. It went smoothly -- you even got paid travel expenses! +$9,875
You got a bonus for dealing with one of Vinnie's brother-in-laws -- Now go have some fun. +$21,000