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A variant of the skateboard. The Hoverboard has the same speed as the Super Speed Cheat, and has the same

The Hoverboard's icon.

design as the Hoverboard from Back To The Future. The Trophy for getting the Hoverboard is a reference to the movie as well. 

Oliver using the Hoverboard.

The Hoverboard can be acquired via giving all four Trophemon to a single group: The Eccentric Millionaire or The Activists. The Activists can be found during the evening, in the courtyard to the right of your basement house. The Eccentric Billionare can be found up the road between the Mobster Tower and the Cozy Condo at night.  If the player does not give ALL four to one group, aquiring the Hoverboard will be impossible. Giving the Trophemon to the Activists will give you positive Karma (and the Hoverboard), while giving them to the Billionare gets you $1000 per Trophemon, negative Karma, and the hoverboard. 


  • You will get paid by the millionaire, however you do get negative karma for it.
  • You won't get paid by the animal activists, but you do get positive karma and charm.
  • The hoverboard is of the same design that Marty McFly uses in Back To The Future. It's description is also a reference to BTTF as a character says something similar to the line.
  • Holding down the "O" or the "K" keys while holding "SHIFT" with the hoverboard or skateboard, you will ollie or do a kickflip. Doing this will give you "+1 CHARM" 5 times. You can do this once a day.