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Ice Cream 32 is located Northwest of the starting apartment. Ice Cream Rep Rick offers the profession Ice Cream Tester. Lizzy sells the Ice Cream Cone and Banana Split.

Business Hours

Morning Open
Evening Closed

Purchasable Items

Item Price Price (with Discount Shopper cheat) Description Usage
Ice Cream Cone $4 $2 "Restores 5 Health. Life is always better with ice cream.... unless it's poisonous! This ice cream isn't poisonous, though." Heals 5 Health.
Banana Split $7 $4 "Restores 18 Health The banana split - undefeated world champion of frozen treats." Heals 18 Health.


Name Purpose Notes
Lizzy Sells items Always present
Ice Cream Rep Rick Offers the Ice Cream Tester profession Always present


Ice Cream 32 shares the same music theme as Wally-Mart.