The Jebediah Council

To get a job in the Jebediah Council, the player needs 850 Intelligence, 680 Strength, Positive Karma, and a Glowy Sword (bought from a weapons dealer in the Dangling Pianist). The job is based on the Star Wars Jedi Council. The job takes place in the Town Hall on the 4th Island. The item you get for maxing out the job is the Light Laser Sword, a blue, upgraded version of the Glowy Sword.

The Light Laser Sword is The Level 2 Glowy Sword.

  • Padawannabe ($265/3h) (Req. 850 INT, 680 STR)
  • Apprentice ($310/3h) (Req. 930 INT, 730 STR)
  • Light Adept ($358/3h) (Req. 1050 INT, 820 STR)
  • Peace Protector ($407/3h) (Req. 1140 INT, 910 STR)
  • Dutiful Duellist ($480/3h) (Req. 1250 INT, 1020 STR)
  • Guardian of Good ($590/3h) (Req. 1390 INT, 1150 STR)
  • Helpful Hero ($700/3h) (Req. 1520 INT, 1300 STR)
  • Light Side Legend ($820/3h) (Req. 1640 INT, 1440 STR)
  • General ($905/3h) (Req. 1780 INT, 1680 STR)
  • Master of Virtue ($1200/3h) (Req. 1980 INT, 1850 STR) Light Laser Sword