Canadian loggers

You need 210 strength and a 55cc chainsaw which you can buy from the hardware store for $4,700. This job is only available to those who purchased the Director's Cut for 20 real dollars. Like most other jobs, you must work three shifts between promotions.

  • Wood Hood ($95/3hr) (req. 210 Strength)
  • Branch Basher ($115/3hr) (req. 260 Strength)
  • Bark Breaker ($150/3hr) (req. 310 Strength)
  • Lackey Logger ($175/3hr) (req. 390 Strength)
  • Whistle Punk ($210/3hr) (req. 480 Strength)
  • Tree Feller ($260/3hr) (req. 580 Strength)
  • Swedish Fiddler ($320/3hr) (req. 690 Strength)
  • Hardwood Hacker ($365/3hr) (req. 750 Strength)
  • Timber Titan ($410/3hr) (req. 930 Strength)
  • Chainsaw Champion ($475/3hr) (you also receive a 70cc Chainsaw upon promotion) (req. 1150 Strength)