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The default name for the main character

A screenshot of the main character during the opening sequence of Stick RPG Complete

The main character, also known as The protagonist, is the main playable character in Stick RPG Complete and Stick RPG 2. His name and origins are still relatively unexplained, but it is known that he is not from either the 2D World or the 2.5D World.

Name theories

In both Stick RPG Complete and Stick RPG 2, the player has the ability to customize and name the protagonist. However, numerous theories have emerged about the main characters real name.

With the launch of Stick RPG 2, speculation has come up as to whether or not the main characters name is Oliver, which is the default and changeable name given at the start of the game. 


It was afternoon in which he "lazily drifted off", awakening only to become aware of his new existence in an unfamiliar dimension (2D World). 7 years passed since he entered the 2D World. The last thing he can remember was him falling asleep in his castle and being the ruler of 2-Dimensional world. He wondered where he is now. "is this limbo?". He felt weightless, body-less, drifting gently through the ether. He thinks that it must have all been a dream... "or a dream within a dream... about a dream?". He doesn't understand where is he now. Has it really been 7 years since he entered that strange dimension? Once again, he feels his perceptions warp and twist as time and space bend before his very eyes. Suddenly, a familiar sensation rushes to his head. He is falling from the clouds to another strange dimension after 7 years, to a 2.5D World.



Stick RPG How to get a red head and a white head.

How to get the red and white ones, not the purple

  • In Stick RPG Complete, if the player names their character "HEYZEUS!!!!" precisely, the player will receive maxed out stats and health, along with starting with $10,000.
  • In Stick RPG Complete, to change the main characters head color to purple, the player must continually keep giving the Skater Punk cigarettes until he dies.
  • In Stick RPG Complete, to change the main characters head color to white, the player must continually keep giving change to Homeless Harold outside the bar, study continually, and work at New Lines Inc.
    • In Stick RPG Complete, to change the main characters head color to red, the player must get into a couple of bar fights and win, rob the bank, sell cocaine, and continually give cigarettes to Skater Punk until he dies.