McSticks, as it appears in Stick RPG Complete

McSticks is a location that appears in both Stick RPG Complete and Stick RPG 2. It is home to the Burger Flipper job, also known as the "McSticks Employee" position, or the "McSlave" title in Stick RPG.

Stick RPG Complete

According to a message on your answering machine, it is implied that you had applied for the job at McSticks and got it. You earn $6/h and it is the only job you can get unless you have 20 intelligence or higher.

Stick RPG 2

McSticks reappears in Stick RPG 2, and the player can apply for a job there. It is possible that this profession is the

McSticks as it appears in Stick RPG 2.

worst in the whole game, due to low pay. But even though there is low pay, this place has the cheapest and almost the best healing items in the game. McSticks in open through the whole morning and night. The fast food restaurant sells $7 milk shakes (+10 hp), $12 fries (+18 hp), $25 cheese burgers (+30 hp), and a Grand Slam Burger (+100 hp, +2 strength) that cost $75. The max rank at McSticks is McManager, and the max pay is $35.

McSticks can be purchased as an asset from Dimension Banks for $475,000.


There are only two known employees at McSticks.

  • McSticks Employee Matty
  • Manager Mildred


  • Sacha
  • Liam
  • Zev


  • It's very funny how in Stick RPG 2 - Manager Mildred, before she hires you, explains that your job is to serve bad quality food and dish out heart disease to unsuspecting customers
  • Apparently people hate the place due to the quality of food but an NPC named Sacha loves the place.