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So, you want to help us make butt loads of cash by dishing out heart disease to our unsuspecting customers?
— Manager Mildred

McSticks is a fast food restaurant in the Third Island of Paper Thin City. It made its original appearance in Stick RPG's city, Megamalonia. The name McSticks is a based on the real-life fast food restaurant, McDonalds. McSticks is an available purchasable asset in Dimension Banks worth $475,000.


Name Price Discounted Price Effect Description
Milk Shake $7 $3 +10 HP Restores 10 health. Oh, and it's chocolate.
Fries $12 $6 +18 HP Restores 18 health. They look salty and delicious.
Cheese Burger $25 $12 +30 HP Restores 30 health. (Pickles included!)
Grand Slam Burger $75 $37 +100 HP

+2 Strength

Restores 100 health and over 9000 deliciousnesses.


You do not need any requirements to become a McSticks Employee and you can be promoted with only work experience. Promotions come with every 5 shifts worked.

Rank Salary Progress Report
Pickle Popper $5 "You flipped burgers all day long, yay."
Cheddar Shredder $7 "Another grease filled nightmare"
Fry Friar $9 "You fried fries like a champ"
Lieutenant Wrapper $11 "Another day, another dollar."
Milkshake Sommelier $13 "Shake Shake Shake...SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!"
Secret Saucier $15 "You succesfully mixed mayo,thousand island, and ketchup together."
Major Mayo $17 "What a major pain in the ass. You need a better job."
Commander Ketchup $19 "You worked a full shift and got paid."
Colonel Mustard $25 "You worked a drive-through. It sucked."
McManager $35 "You watched all over the lackeys."


Non-McSticks Employee characters can only be found in certain time periods.

Name Quote(s) Purpose
Manager Mildred "McStick's has excellent employee benefits such as... bathroom breaks... oh, and 5% off food during your shift!" You can work as a McSticks Burger Flipper by talking to her.
McStick's Employee Matty "Welcome to McStick's, where you can Coronary-Size any meal for a dollar. Would you like fries with your fries?" You can purchase McSticks food from him. See the Products tab above for product prices.
Liam "Hey Junior, you want a job come see me later. We tag &%$# every night by The Old Abandoned Warehouse." He appears in the afternoon. You can talk to him at night by The Old Abandoned Warehouse for a job offer as a Graffiti Artist (requires 35 Charm).
  • "A lot of people hate this place. I &%$*ing love it!"
  • "I heard that crazy old Ansel's lab finally got shut down."
He appears in the afternoon. He can be found along with Liam by The Old Abandoned Warehouse at night.
  • "Go ahead of me bro, I dont know what I want yet."
  • "You need something, then you see me tonight. I don't do business during the day."
He can be found near The Lab in the Evening, and offers the Drug Dealer profession (Requires 75 Intelligence, 60 Strength, and Negative Karma).
Eastside Mobsters
  • "I love street fights."
  • "^$*# you"
They can be found right outside McSticks during the night, if you haven't fought them already. They wield a baseball bat and pistol. Upon winning, you will get smokes, money and strength.

Random Events

Quote Effect
Yes! You finally won "Employee of the month!" They kept telling you that you weren't EOTM material, but you showed them!
  • $1000
  • +8 Charm
The owner stopped by personally to tell you how much he appreciates your dedication and work. You must be doing something right.
  • +18 Charm
You broke up a food fight in the dining room. Way to keep the peace, chief, you have ketchup and special sauce all over you.
  • +5 Strength
  • -5 Charm
While unloading the grocery order, you managed to throw your back out -- and the manager gave you a bonus for it! long as you keep your mouth shut, that is.
  • $300
  • +1 Strength
  • +5 Charm
While making fries, you managed to splash fryer oil all over the place, and even burnt your hand a little. Rookie mistake, kid.
  • -2 Intelligence
You forgot to bring your hairnet to work today. Now, that is just plain careless, missy.
  • -3 Intelligence
The manager commented on how clean your uniform is looking. Everyone loves a neat and tidy employee.
  • +5 Charm
You learned how to work the cash register today aaand how to make change from a $5 bill -- score!
  • +5 Intelligence
While running across the kitchen, you slipped on a hamburger bun and hit the ground pretty hard. Luckily, you only have minor internal bleeding.
  • -3 Strength
The corporate office loves your new burger concept, the 'Curried Cow and Carrot Ciabatta'. The new C4 Burger is sure to be 'The Bomb' this summer.
  • +4 Intelligence
  • +4 Charm
You helped an old lady carry four huge bags of burgers outside. Good deeds make you feel... good.
  • +5 Karma
  • +4 Strength


  • The quote "Another day, another dollar." from when you work as a Lieutenant Wrapper is based on Spongebob Squarepants from the episode "Funny Pants".

In Stick RPG Complete, McSticks is the only restaurant that appears in the city. There are no requirements to get the job as the player is automatically hired in McSticks at the start of the game.


Name Price Effect
Milkshake $8 +12 HP
Fries $12 +20 HP
Cheeseburger $25 +40 HP
Triple Burger $50 +80 HP


McSticks has only one rank; Cook. The pay is $6/hour.