Milkman is a good job if you have other work in the evening because you can only work two shifts (3 with Coma-Snooze bed and Alarm Clock) in the morning. Promotions require strength, and you must have worked at least three times after being promoted (or getting the job) to get promoted again. The job is one of the few starting jobs in Stick RPG 2 and only requires 15 Strength to get started. You can get hired for this job at 11-Seven, if you arrive in the early morning (e.g., 6:45 am; specific time intervals to be identified).


  • Udder Man($13/2h)(15 STR req.)
  • Skim Salesman($15/2h)(25 STR req.)
  • One Percent Purveyor($18/2h)(35 STR req.)
  • Two Percent Traveller($21/2h)(40 STR req.)
  • Milk Truck Pilot($23/2h)(45 STR req.)
  • Milk Moustache Facilitator($26/2h)(60 STR req.)
  • Cream Consultant($32/2h)(70 STR req.)
  • Lord of Lactose($40/2h)(90 STR req.)
  • Duke of Dairy($45/2h)(125 STR req.)
  • Milk Messiah($60/2h)(plus a free Cow Bell) (Gives 10 Strength and 10 Charm)(170 STR req.)

Random Events

You kicked open a rusty gate and broke it. You feel like the juggernaut, but you still have to pay for the gate. -$425 +6 STR

You got all your deliveries done in record time. Way to go, champ! +5 STR +5 CHA

Your genius marketing campaign took off like wildfire! 'Just milk it' sells itself. +11 INT

While making a routine delivery, a middle-aged lady in a bathrobe asked you to come in for a drink. You still can't believe you turned her down. +10 Karma +7 Charm

A crazy cat lady needed a crazy amount of milk, today. What a score! +4,400$

You discovered an alternative route that saves time. and time is money. +400$ +8 INT

Your milk delivery was late, leaving one customer's cereal dry and bare. Some people take their cereal pretty seriously -- he reamed you out hardcore. - 3 CHA