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A caption of the Mobius Strip.

The Mobius Strip is one of the three 4D items required to obtain the lab key. The others are the Klein Bottle and the 4D Hypercube. In order to complete the game you will need to collect all of the 4D items. You must give Professor Ansel (in University of Stick) all of the 4D items including the Mobius Strip to complete the game.


A Mobius Strip is a 2D object which exists in 3D space it can be created by twisting a strip of paper one half turn, bending it into a loop, and taping the two ends together.


There are two ways of getting the Mobius Strip,

Method 1

Requirement :

  • 3 bags of coca

Method :

  1. Go to the police department and visit the Narcotics Drug Enforcement Officer. OR a cocain cowboy on during night time next to the U of S.
  2. Keep giving the Cocas to the Narcotics Drug Enforcement Officer drugs and he will reward you Good Karma and Charm. OR give the Cocas to the cocain cowboy at night. As a result you will get Money and Bad Karma.
  3. After a 3 times he will give you the strip.

Method 2


  • 100,000$ (50,000$ if you have Director's Cut or XGen Cheat - Discount Shopper)
  • [OPTIONAL] Director's Cut or XGen Cheat - Time Traveller

How to do it:

  1. Where your basement is (very first place you lived in) there will be a road on the left. Go down the road.
  2. Where the two roads meet is where the 4D Dimension Drifter will be. He won't always be there so if you have the cheat to Time Travel, do so, or otherwise do something else.
  3. When he is here, buy the 4D Mobius Strip off him. He also sells other 4D items (all each 100,000$/ Discount shopper = 50,000$)