To be a Pianist, the player has to own the Director's Cut version of Stick RPG 2. The job takes place at The Dangling Pianist during the evening and night time (4 PM). The player has to own an ID to enter the building and have 550 charm to start working. Charm is required for promotions. Like every other job (except work-only promotion jobs), the player must work 3 times before receiving a promotion. Upon maxing out being a Pianist, the player receives a Grand Piano (raises charm by 85).

Job positions

  • Chop Sticks Chopper ($105/2h) (Requires 550 Charm)
  • Keyboard Kiddie ($145/2h) (Requires 590 Charm)
  • Poser Pianist ($180/2h) (Requires 635 Charm)
  • Makeshift Musician ($220/2h) (Requires 690 Charm)
  • Solid Soloist ($265/2h) (Requires 750 Charm)
  • Contemporary Contender ($330/2h) (Requires 820 Charm)
  • Concert Pianist ($385/2h) (Requires 900 Charm)
  • Piano Pioneer ($445/2h) (Requires 990 Charm)
  • Master Pianist ($505/2h) (Requires 1020 Charm)
  • Grand Master Pianist ($625/2h) (Requires 1150 Charm) (Grand Piano +85 Charm)

Random Events

  • A table full of girls had their eyes on you all night, and you're playing all the right notes +32 CHA
  • One of the besht *hic* things about working at a *hic* piano bar ish the free drinks! +18 CHA
  • The place is absolutely deserted tonight, which means you get to spend your entire shift amusing yourself by playing old-school video game themes. Forever alone! +30 INT -10 CHA
  • During one of your breaks, you managed to convince one of the regulars to see exactly how many jager bombs they can drink in 20 minutes ~ for science! +9 STR +14 CHA