Pimpin' Pete
The person to talk to to become a Pimp is Pimpin' Pete in the first island at night.

To be a Pimp, the player has to have 135 Charm and Negative Karma. To gain promotions, the player must raise Charm their charm and have worked 3 times since their last promotion. Upon maxing out the job, the player is awarded with a Pimp Hat which raises Charm by 100.

  • Hustler $55 (Requires 1 Charm)
  • Gigolo $78 (Requires 1 Charm)
  • Panderer $95 (Requires 1 Charm)
  • Whoremonger $120 (Requires 1 Charm)
  • Harlot Hawker $145 (Requires 355 Charm)
  • Flesh Peddler $169 (Requires 435 Charm)
  • Lady Leaser $199 (Requires 580 Charm)
  • Call Girl Carrier $215 (Requires 620 Charm)
  • Mack $241 (Requires 680 Charm)
  • Mack Daddy $270 (Requires 1 Charm) (Receive 'Pimp Hat' +100 Charm)

Random Events

A local sports team bought out all your available inventory. They said something about a train... what a strange way to travel in this day and age. +$6,300 +3 Strength

You bought all the girls dinner tonight, showing them that you do sort of have a heart. -$300 +12 Charm

You convinced a beautiful new blond to join your 'team'. You are the master of seduction. +21 Charm

Screenshot (26)

A random event.

You struck a deal with a movie producer to have your girls star in Call of Booty 5. +$4,550 +8 Intelligence +10 Charm

You gave Vinnie a bulk deal for all his boys. +$4,200 -35 Karma +8 Charm

A bachelor party paid a premium for your services. +$1,250 -25 Karma

A local gaming convention needed girls as booth babes. How convenient. +$7,200 +11 Intelligence

A Customer was talking trash to one of your girls. No one talks to your girls that way! He felt your wrath. +13 Strength +5 Charm

Your pimp cane fell off the side of the world. It's gone forever. -$400 -6 Charm