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The Police Officer job is a moderate-paying job available at the Police Department building. Promotions require Strength and good Karma. You must also have worked 3 times after your last promotion to get the next promotion. You must have at least 1 Karma to join the career and to be promoted.

  • Meter Maid (req. 75 Strength & at least 1 Karma, pays $32)-Workaholic Perk= $40
  • Gumshoe (req. 90 Strength, pays $38)
  • Highway Patrol (req. 115 Strength, pays $50)
  • State Trooper (req. 150 Strength, pays $65)
  • Captain (req. 178 Strength, pays $82)
  • Undercover Agent (req. 210 Strength, pays $101)
  • SWAT Team (req. 255 Strength, pays $119)
  • Special Agent (req. 311 Strength, pays $138)
  • Hostage Negotiator (req. 359 Strength, pays $150)
  • Chief of Police (req. 421 Strength, pays $165, receive a Combat Shotgun upon promotion)

If you need positive Karma for this career or another (eg. Doctor ). You can buy a legitimate I.D. from the police officer on the right for $175 (you gain +25 Karma). You can also bring coca that you have bought into the station for positive Karma. You only need at least 1 Karma to be promoted. You cannot have negative Karma at all for this job.

Legitimate I.D. +25 Karma