Professor is a job in the Director's Cut that requires alot of intelligence.

  • Egg Head $130/6h (req. 900 Intelligence)
  • Teacher's Assistant $240/6h (req. 1000 Intelligence)
  • Instructor $350/6h (req. 1100 Intelligence)
  • Lecture Lasher $460/6h  (req. 1200 Intelligence)
  • Elaborate Educator $570/6h  (req. 1300 Intelligence)
  • Lab Rat $680/6h  (req. 1400 Intelligence)
  • Scientist $790/6h  (req. 1500 Intelligence)
  • Master Chemist $900/6h  (req. 1600 Intelligence)
  • Astrophysicist $1,010/6h  (req. 1700 Intelligence)
  • Rocket Scientist $1,120/6h   (req. 1800 Intelligence)(Tesla Helmet)

Random events

  • You kicked a student out of class for texting during a test. Kids these days... +26 STR
  • You made a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. +60 INT
  • You got 'hit on' by a shapely female student. +48 CHA
  • You rearranged the tables in your classroom. Tough work. +40 STR
  • You stayed in the library after class to mark some papers. +28 INT
  • Another 'professional day'. You got the day off to go drink with co-workers. How professional. +22 CHA
  • Your research provided another stunning breakthrough in Astrophysics. +35 INT +20 CHA
  • You watched a tech movie in class today. Number 5 is alive! +21 CHA
  • You farted during class. Everyone heard it -15 CHA
  • You invented a synthetic material 10x stronger than Kelvar. The military has already sent a cheque. +$39200 +66 INT
  • The cafeteria served roast turkey today! Soooo good. +45 STR + 15 CHA

Possibly the luckiest bonus in the game.