Rock star

To be promoted, you must increase your strength and charm. The job pays well however each 'shift' lasts 5 hours long and the job is located all the way at Wally Mart which can be far away if you don't live close by. In order to be promoted you must have worked 3 times after being hired and after you've been promoted.

  • Roadie (pays $40) (Requires: 110 Strength, 180 Charm and you must buy the guitar at the pawn shop, right next to Wally Mart (at Steel and Hawk for $3,500))
  • Noodler (pays $63) (Requires: 120 Strength, 205 Charm)
  • Garage Rocker (pays $89) (Requires: 140 Strength, 255 Charm)
  • Indie Rocker (pays $123) (Requires: 180 Strength, 305 Charm)
  • Touring Musician (pays $152) (Requires: 235 Strength, 370 Charm)
  • Recording Artist (pays $188) (Requires: 275 Strength, 425 Charm)
  • Major Label Artist (pays $232) (Requires: 315 Strength, 500 Charm)
  • Rock Star (pays $277) (Requires: 390 Strength, 550 Charm)
  • Big in Japan (pays $325) (Requires: 460 Strength, 610 Charm)
  • Bigger than The Beatles (pays $390, you also receive a platinum record) (Requires: 670 Strength, 780 Charm)(Receive a 'Platinum Record' +100 Charm)

Random Events

  • You climbed the speaker stack and jumped 40 feet into the crowd, but everyone moved out of the way. That's gotta hurt. -8 STR
  • Someone was trampled to death in your massive mosh-pit. You're not allowed back in Canada anymore. -11 CHA
  • Your band was filmed as the subject of cult Rockumentary, "This is Vertebra Tap". -$7,500 -34 CHA
  • You rocked so hard that one guy puked just from the sound waves... or from all that beer. But still, it was pretty awesome. -12 STR -8 CHA
  • The sound guy told you to turn down your amps. You told him to turn down the suck. Worst. Comeback. Ever. -4 INT -3 CHA
  • One of your songs was licensed for the upcoming videogame "Guitar Sherpa". How many more of these things can they make, anyways? +9 INT +11 CHA
  • You incited a riot at an outdoor festival. Everyone was stoked... except for the cops who cuffed you and read you your rights.
  • Apparently, cops in Salt Lake City frown upon public nudity. Your sock didn't count. -$1,200 -14 STR
  • One of your amps caught on fire and the hall was evacuated... true story!
  • Your new album went gold. All aboard the money train! Tooot! +$24,570
  • In a flash of brilliance, you turn your amp up to 11 - the audience goes ape-$^!%, climbing the gate and throwing women's underwear onstage. You have to sneak out the back door to avoid being mobbed by fans. -23 CHA
  • You threw a bloody goat-head into the audience, and PETA launched a campaign against you. Album sales tripled -- Cha-Ching! +$8,650 -6 CHA