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We only roll out custom decks with totally sick one-of-a-kind graphics.
— Kris

Skate or Cry is a business located on the top street of the 1st island, next to the Laundromat and the Easy Gym. Skateboards can be purchased in here, and the Skateboarder Profession can be found here.


Kris Sells the custom Skateboard for $325
Ashkon Gives the Pro Skateboarder Profession
Cyrus Dialogue NPC

Business hours

Morning Open
Afternoon Open
Evening Open
Night Closed


You must have 40 Charm and a skateboard to get this job. Promotions come from gaining charm. The ranks at Skate or Cry are:

  • Mongo Man - $14 per shift
  • Longboarder - $17 per shift
  • Ollie Cat - $21 per shift
  • Rail Buster - $26 per shift
  • Vert Skater - $33 per shift
  • Slick Trickster- $39 per shift
  • Grind God - $51 per shift
  • Duke of the Deck - $66 per shift
  • Skate Shoe Designer - $85 per shift
  • Legendary Skater - $140 per shift + Pro Skateboard

Random Events

"You placed 1st in the vert competition. Big air means big money." (+$3,100, +21 Charm)

"While shooting a new video, you landed a crazy 720 Japan air. The Japanese are going to LOVE it." (+9 Strength, +14 Charm)

"You spent the day breaking down footage of your latest video. The time paid off -- you saw a couple things you could do better." (+23 Intelligence)

"You tore up the skate park today, leaving onlookers catatonic. One kid said that you had hollow bones."( +12 Strength, +11 Charm)

"You met a group of hot skater chicks at the park. You even scored a number, dawg!" (+21 Charm)

"You pulled a crazy Natas spin; people are calling you Mr. Natas all day." (+7 Intelligence, +14 Charm)

"You scored a Rad Bull sponsorship deal, including a free lifetime supply. Welcome to the world of controversial energy beverages!" (+$3,500)

"An underground skateboard magazine declared you 'Boarder of the year'. Look at you, baller." (+$2,300)

"You came up with a sick new grab trick -- it blew everyone's mind when you landed it perfectly on the first try."(+9 Intelligence)

"You busted a sick 540-heel flip, but broke your board on landing. Aww, muffin... at least you were okay, right?" (-$500)

"You were caught skating in a 'no skate' zone. The security guard was pretty mean about it." (-4 Charm)

"You missed a rail. Your future children may have been affected." (-9 Strength)

"You fell on your head trying to grind a picnic table. For some reason, probably unrelated, you can't remember where you live." (-12 Intelligence)

"You tried to ollie a parked car... good thing it was an ambulance." (-8 Strength, -5 Charm)