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Skater Punk is a character in Stick RPG Complete and Stick RPG 2. Skater Punk is a troubled teenager who you can kill in Stick RPG Complete, but he ultimately returns in Stick RPG 2.

Stick RPG

Skater Punk offers one brief side mission in Stick RPG Complete. He states that he is old enough to smoke, but he forgot his I.D. at home. He then asks the player to buy him a pack of cigarettes, which cost $10. When you give the cigarettes to him, he will reward the player with a skateboard. You can continue to give him more cigarettes, but if you give him too much, Skater Punk will die from excessive smoke inhalation. The player will then receive a message from Detective McHolland, who believes that the player was involved in the teenager's death.

Stick RPG 2

In Stick RPG 2, whether you killed him or not, the Skater Punk returns and asks for another favor. He questions what the player did with the last skateboard he gave the player, but then realizes that they're in a different dimension. He tells the player to get him an XXX video and in exchange, he will give the player his custom skateboard, in which he does.


  • When you kill the Skater Punk in Stick RPG Complete, the player loses a lot of karma, usually resulting in the player's head turning purple.
  • Skater Punk's name is not revealed until Stick RPG 2, where he clearly states that he was from the 2D World, and that he gave the player a skateboard before.
  • If you select the "Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?" option when you're asked to get him a XXX video, the Skater Punk will, like Mike, crudely insult the player by simply saying "So is your mom."