Stick RPG Wiki

Skye's Bar is located on the second island, right ahead of the street you enter the second island through. There is an air hockey table which two stickpeople are playing at.

It connects to two bathrooms, men and women.


Barkeep--Sells Beer for $140

Rehab Candidate--Talks nonsense

Pathological Liar--Look at title

Canuck #2--seems to be playing air hockey

Canuck #1--Playing air hockey

Abandoned Warehouse Bandit--If you have enough strength, you can fight and defeat this person, gaining the key to the Old Abandoned Warehouse. Gives $275 and 4 strength when you defeat him.

King of the Wing--If you give him three chicken wings from Joe's Pizza, he'll give you a Bacon Flavored Narwhal that you can either give to the Mental Institution Escapee (for $600) or to Creepster Marlo (for 20 charm)

Joe--the owner of Joe's pizza drinking

The World's Most Interesting Man--He can give you 40 Charm if you have high enough charm. Three women are talking to him.

3 Chicks--3 women talking to the World's Most Interesting Man

Bar Patron--Nothing really...

Stick Hedberg--Nothing really...

Dude--Located in the bathroom and pisses into urinal. Nothing really...

Troubled Man--Stuck in a stall without toilet paper.

The GILF--Nothing really...

Marty--Gives you the third clue if you had the second clue, killed by a mysterius poison dart.

Drunk Scenarios


  • "You got hit in the with a bar stool last night." (-5 Strength)
  • "You drank so much you actually puked on some girl at the bar. You got sent home with a punch in the face." (-2 Strength | -6 Charm)
  • "You woke up this morning with hamburger in your pocket. Your wallet is also missing." (-$500)


  • "You were a Karaoke God all night. Well, nobody called you that... but they WERW throwing you sacrifices like chicken wing bones and beer bottles." - (+15 Charm)
  • "You had a conversation with 'The Most Interesting Man in the World'. That guy is just... sooo interesting." (+8 Intelligence | +13 Charm)
  • "You made out with a cheerleader. You win." (+23 Charm)
  • "You danced the night away. The girls were really 'into' you." (+16 Charm)
  • "You woke up this morning with a tattoo of Mr. T riding a shark and fighting a giant kitten -- Awesome!" (+20 Charm)
  • "You won the air hockey tournament. He shoots! HE SCORES!" (+$1300 | +5 Charm)
  • "You got plastered. You even scored a phone number; written on your forehead! (+12 Charm)


World's Most Interesting Man--Gives you 40 charm if you have high enough charm.

Abandoned Warehouse Bandit--If you fight him, you get $275, 4 Strength, and the Abandoned Warehouse Key

Troubled Man--If you give him toilet paper from Wally Mart, he gives you a sledgehammer