Stick RPG Wiki

Stats are the collective attributes of the player that reflect certain point values of their character. The three main stats within the Stick RPG series are Strength, Intelligence, and Charm. Karma can be considered an additional stat; as it is not enhanced through training and is only affected by your actions throughout the series. You can randomly get strength, intelligence and charm from doing other quests.

Strength controls the main character's efficiency in fights.

To train this stat, one must: work out or fight.

Fighting opponents: Gangsters, Mobsters, Boxers or random drunkards at bars.

Gyms:Easy Gym (Broski or Emma 'Extreme' ), U of S gym (Slater), Jim's Gym

Also: Eating certain foods can slightly increase this stat, such as the Grand Slam Burger from McSticks.

Intelligence controls the main char attain most jobs.

To train this stat you will need to either study or take a class. Both can be done at U of S.

Also: Eating(or drinking) certain food items can also slightly increase Intelligence.

Such as Rad Bull(+10hp, +1 INT) or Pizza(+100hp, +2 INT) or Pecan Pie(+30 INT, STR and CHR) . 


Charm controls the main character's ability to interact with other people.

This Stat can change on it's own just from training other stats or doing certain things.

To train this stat doing activities such as getting drunk, drinking coffee, or smoking


Unlike the three core stats, karma can be attained by good deeds or lost by bad deeds. Karma affects which jobs can be available to you, with evil jobs requiring negative Karma.