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Stick RPG 2 is a Role-playing game developed and published by XGen Studios on April 19, 2011, 8 years after the release of Stick RPG. Like the first game, the player takes the role of a blue stickman through the 2.5 Dimensional city known as Paper Thin City.


It seems like eons ago - that afternoon in which you lazily drifted off, awakening only to become aware of your new existence in an unfamiliar dimension. 7 years have passed since that day. The last thing you can remember is falling asleep in your castle, ruler of the 2-Dimensional world. You wonder where you are this limbo? You feel weightless, bodiless, drifting gently through the ether. You reason that it must have all been a dream...or a dream within a dream...about a dream? But...where are you now? Has it really been 7 years since you entered that strange dimension? Once again you feel perceptions warp and twist as time and space bend before your very eyes. Suddenly, a familiar sensation rushes to your are falling.
— Stick RPG 2's intro text

Stick RPG 2 follows the adventure of the main character named Oliver (you can change this), who is revealed to be the same main character in Stick RPG Complete, Stick RPG 2's predecessor. He gets transported to Paper Thin City, a city in the 2.5th Dimension. The main character, like in Stick RPG, finds himself in the streets once he wakes up. Tutorial Ted, who probably witnessed the main character's descent to Paper Thin City, greets him, and provides a starting home for the player. The player is then tasked by Professor Ansel to find three 4D Objects to power his machine so the player can return home to the 2nd Dimension. The player can then write the rest of the storyline for themselves, until the player enters The Lab after finding all three 4D objects.


Stick RPG 2, like in the first game, is a role-playing game (RPG), where the player is tasked with the main quest to collect three key items known as the 4D Objects, so the player can be sent home to the 2nd Dimension. Apart from the main quest, players have freedom to partake on their own quests. There is an achievement system.


Stick RPG 2 has been played 17 million times in XGen Studios' official website. Director's Cut can be purchased in Steam, the Mac App Store, and XGen Studios' website, for the price of $19.99. Stick RPG 2 was met with positive reviews, receiving an 80% score in Steam.