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Welcome to the Stick RPG Wiki, the in-depth encyclopedia about Stick RPG Complete, a game developed by XGen Studios.

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This wiki is for the original Stick RPG that was created by XGen Studios. It was released on January 3, 2003. You can visit their homepage, for more information.

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BandAnnaCCP BandAnnaCCP 17 December 2019

A Tale of Two Wikis - Announcement 1

Hello stickmen and stickwomen, this is Anneliese Brandt, and I'm the new Bureaucrat and Head of Sta…

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PandaTheKing0001 PandaTheKing0001 12 May 2019


Forgot about the game and wiki. Have to start over as I forgot password and username I'll come back…

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PandaTheKing0001 PandaTheKing0001 26 February 2019

Not will be active very much

Busy with life not gonna be able to focus on this wiki alot

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December 17: Hello, I am BandAnnaCCP, thank you for visiting the Stick RPG Wiki! I'll be your new head admin. Feel free to leave a message at my wall for any concerns.