Stick RPG Wiki

The bar can be seen to the side

Sticky's bar is the first, and only, bar you will find in the 2nd dimension. You can drink beer from a mug to raise charisma by two, buy bottles of beer for $30, get in a fight or play drunken darts for no apparent reason. This bar is a place to crash your karma rating into the negatives, because drinking and fighting both decrease it. On the left side of the bar (Outside) There is a poster depting a man dying of alchohal poisoning with the text: "Know when to Draw the Line" displayed over it.


Fighting to the death is a common sport in the bar and can be initiated at the click of a button. When fighting you can use powerful attacks to battle your opponent, but a full description can be found here. If you win, your strength increases, and you get to keep the money from the dead guy's wallet, if you lose, well, you're dead.