Trophemon is a extremely rare bird type, there are only known 4 living members of its species. You need all four of them to get the Hoverboard. Once you have all four you can either give them to the Millionaire for negative karma (he stands between the mobster tower and the cozy condos at night), or the activists for positive karma (she stands in the park area near the basement house you start off in). Here's how you get all four Trophemon:

1. Give money to Dominick , exactly 13 times outside of Skye's bar and he will eventually give you a Trophemon (he will be there in the evening).

2. Give a cigarette (can buy from '11-Seven' or from the shady dealer behind Skye's bar in the evening), Cuban Cigars (can be bought from the shady dealer behind Skye's bar in the evening), lighter (Steel and Hawk) to Vinnie's Goon (at Vinnie's bar) who wears sunglasses (he only accepts them at night) and he will give you a trophemon.

3. Give the construction worker (beside U of S, only in the morning) a Grand Slam Burger from McSticks and he'll give you a ladder, then bring that ladder to the lady outside of the mobster tower and you can bring down her cat and a you will also find a trophemon. Alternatively you can buy a ladder at the hardware store if you have the Director's Cut, however it is much cheaper just to buy a grand slam burger.

4. Go to DJ MatchStick McQuick in the club and he will ask for a Pizza and a Milk shake (he only asks in the evening), he will give you a trophemon.

Important Notes

  • Once you've given/sold one of the trophemon, you will have to give all of the rest to the same person or else you will not get the hoverboard
  • The hoverboard you get from either of the two is always pink.
  • The millionaire actually pays you $3000 for the first three trophemon you bring him, however you also receive negative karma. You will not get money from the activists, instead you will get positive karma and charm.
  • In order to do the skateboarding job you must own any skateboard except for the hoverboard