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Tutorial Ted (right) hanging out outside the basement.

"Even the ungrateful need a place to sleep."
— Tutorial Ted

Tutorial Ted is a character in Stick RPG 2. He is the secondary antagonist on Stick RPG 2. He is the first character that the main character interacts with, as he is the first NPC to talk to the player automatically once a new game is started. He provides the main character with the Basement Key, which unlocks the Basement, the first living quarters available to the player.

Interactions with the Player

Tutorial Ted is one of the most important characters to any new players, chiefly because he provides all players with the Basement Key, which allows players access to the Basement, the first living quarters available to the player. He also provides all new players with $100 to start out with.

In addition, he provides new players with the knowledge that progression through the story line of the game is carried out through Professor Ansel. Players find this out through the second dialogue with Tutorial Ted, after responding in a positive way.

Tutorial Ted's automated response to all new players upon the start of a new game.

He also provides two opportunities to gain or lose karma, through positive or negative responses to the statements he makes to the player. The player can answer in a negative response to both dialogue choices and still receive the same information and items that are obtained through positive responses (this includes the Basement Key, the initial $100, and news to Professor Ansel's location).

It is noteworthy that after providing the player with the Basement Key, $100, and Professor Ansel's location, that Tutorial Ted is never seen again throughout the rest of the game in the free version of the game. Tutorial Ted can only be seen again in the Director's Cut version of the game where you can find him in the Benjamin Club. It is revealed later that he was the one that had killed Ryan, and you must kill him to obtain the Blast Cannon.