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U of S, as it appears in Stick RPG Complete

U of S, also known as the University of Stick, is an educational institution within the Stick RPG universe that exists in both Stick RPG Complete and Stick RPG 2. It is available to the player as a means of raising the intelligence and strength stats, through tutoring, classes, and personal training.

Stick RPG Complete

In Stick RPG Complete, the U of S is one of the earliest ways the player can raise their stats. You can study (+1 Intelligence) for free, excercise (+ Strength), and the player can go to class (+2 Intelligence) for $20.

Stick RPG 2

The U of S in Stick RPG 2 serves as one of the most imperative structures in the game. This is where Professor Ansel works, a character who plays a momentous role in the game. Also, an item needed for the aforementioned role plot, the 4D Hypercube, can be also acquired here through playing chess. The University of Stick is also a location that involves an optional love interest, needed if the player wants to get married.

U of S, as it appears in Stick RPG 2

Aside from the plot importance of the building, like in Stick RPG Complete, the player can receive tutoring and classes, both of which raise the intelligence stat. The player can also go to the gym and receive personal training, which raises the strength stat.


The U of S may be a parody of the real life U of A (University of Alberta), located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This also happens to be where XGen Studios is located.