The job is located right next to the starting area and right next to your basement. The video game developer job is a parody of their own game company XGen Studios. In order to obtain promotions in this career you must increase both your intelligence and charm and have worked 3 times since your last promotion.
  • Studio Intern (pays $20/3h) (req. 40 INT, 20 CHA)
  • Videogame Tester (pays $25/3h) (req. 60 INT, 30 CHA)
  • Pixel Pusher (pays $30/3h) (req. 80 INT, 40 CHA)
  • Code Monkey (pays $40/3h) (req. 120 INT, 60 CHA)
  • Concept Artist (pays $50/3h) (req. 160 INT, 80 CHA)
  • Level Designer (pays $75/3h) (req. 200 INT, 100 CHA)
  • Programming Prodigy (pays $100/3h) (req. 250 INT, 125 CHA)
  • Epic Producer (pays $125/3h) (req. 300 INT, 150 CHA)
  • Legendary Designer (pays $150/3h) (req. 350 INT, 175 CHA)
  • Miyamoto 2.0 (pays $175/3h, receive The Masamune) (req. 400 INT, 200 CHA)

Random Events

  • Your new multi-player game is a big hit with the over 80 crowd. "Tower Defense Bingo" is ready for console launch! + $3,700
  • You stay late working on dialogue for your new RPG. At one point, you even write *about* writing dialogue in a video game. It's pretty lame... but at least it's finished. +12 INT
  • You spent the day reading detailed tutorials on the latest physics engine techniques. It's informative stuff, but it takes its toll on you... physically. -8 STR +22 INT
  • You burnt a massive pile of Parmesan cheese in the company toaster oven. The building smells like death, and everyone hates you. -9 CHA
  • A foam dart gunfight broke out in the office and you got hit in the eye. Everyone in the office thought it was funny, even though you couldn't see out of one eye all day. +11 STR +19 CHA
  • Out at lunch today, everyone put a credit card in a hat and let the waitress pick one. Yours was the not so lucky winner. -$250
  • You brought in donuts for the office this morning. Everyone loves donuts... especially game developers! +7 INT +25 CHA
  • You stay in late to play some video games with coworkers. You got dominated, but it was a pretty awesome time. +18 CHA
  • You spent the entire day playing "Guitar Zero" at the office. Productivity may have been at an all time low, but your mad skillz were at an all-time high -- Everyone watched in awe. +37 CHA
  • The new 'game function' you coded broke again... and this time you lost it! Nerd rage took over and you smashed your monitor on the ground while everyone silently watched in terror. One guy even pooped a little. +27 STR -7 CHA
  • Your new game,"Super Time Traveller Advance 8 - The Alien Saga", was voted best "Match 3" game of all time by PC Lamer