Vinnie's goon
Vinnie's Goon is Vinnie's bodyguard. He is always seen with Vinnie.


Vinnie's Goon can be found in the morning in Wally Mart, alongside Vinnie.

In the evening and throughout the rest of the night, Vinnie's Goon can be found inside of Vinnie's, alongside Vinnie and Vinnie's Muscle. There will be one side quest that Vinnie's Goon will give. He will be very keen to smoke, so the player must go to the Contraband Salesman and buy a pack of cigarettes, also known as Smokes. When you return to Vinnie's Goon, he will call the Smokes trash and request Cuban Cigars, that you recieve for giving Sad Keanu an ice cream. When you give him the cigars, he will say that he doesn't have a lighter. So after purchasing the Zipo Lighter and giving it to Vinnie's Goon, the player will finally receive a rare Trophemon bird.