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Vinnie's Goon is Vinnie's bodyguard. He is always seen with Vinnie.


Vinnie's Goon can be found in the morning in Wally Mart, alongside Vinnie.

In the evening and throughout the rest of the night, Vinnie's Goon can be found inside of Vinnie's, alongside Vinnie and Vinnie's Muscle.

Trophemon Quest

  • Get Smokes, Cuban Cigars and a Lighter.
    • Smokes can be obtained from 11-Seven for $45, or by defeating the mobsters outside McSticks.
    • Cuban cigars can be obtained from the Contraband Salesman for $2350 or you can receive one in trade for an Ice Cream Cone from Sad Keanu in front of the Cozy Condo.
    • The Lighter can be obtained from the Contraband Salesman or Steel and Hawk for $75.
  • Give them to Vinnie's Goon at Vinnie's bar.


At Wally-Mart:

"Move along."

At Vinnie's:

"You got business, talk to Vinnie."

"Man I need a smoke." (if you have cigarettes/cigars)"

"Thanks Mom. Geez, these guys..." (if denied cigarettes/cigars)"

"Nah nah... I need a cigar. I don't smoke this trash." (when given cigarettes)"

"I only smoke cigars." (after giving cigarettes)

"Cubans! Alright! Hey, you got a light?" (when given cigars) (+3 Charm)

"Well, now I need a lighter." (after giving cigars)

"Hey, you came through again - good stuff. You want this funny lookin' bird I found hiding in the roof? Here, take it." (when given a lighter) (+3 Charm, Trophemon)

"Great work on the cigars." (after quest completion)"